Mythica: The Godslayer

As zombie legions ravage the world, a cursed young sorceress Marek embarks on a quest with her friend half-elf friend Dagen to obtain a weapon from the gods. But when she is forced to join her sworn enemy to save the world, she must retain her inner good before the gods are destroyed and the world is forever enslaved.

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Mythica: The Iron Crown

When a team of unlikely heroes hijacks a steam-powered battle wagon, a daring young wizard (Marek) steals the final piece of the all-powerful Darkspore and embarks on a desperate quest to deliver the cursed artifact to the gods for safe keeping but when they are caught in a death race between a ruthless team of elite mercenaries and a trinity of demons, Marek must learn to believe in herself before her friends are killed and the Darkspore is lost, to stop the evil necromancer (Szorlok) from uniting the Darkspore and flooding the living world with his legions of undead.

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Mythica: A Quest For Heroes

Beautiful necromancer Marek and her friends face a sinister new enemy – Kishkumen, a foreign mystic bent on reclaiming the Darkspore. Marek and
her team race Kishkumen and his horde through creature-infested lands, to a long-abandoned underground city. Trapped between Kishkumen and a dragon, Marek and her team must employ all their skill and magic to battle for their hard-won treasure and their lives.

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Mythica: The Darkspore

In pursuit of adventure, a young aspiring wizard, Marek, and his ragtag group of companions – a muscle-bound warrior, a vivacious elven thief, a beautiful priestess healer, and a half-orc assassin – set out in search of fame and fortune, becoming an unlikely squad of heroes along the way. Romance, danger, and magic abound.

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Mythica: The Necromancer

When her most loyal friend is taken hostage by Peregus Malister, the cruel master of the Thieves Guild, Marek must embark on a corrupt mission to serve the Guild with her team of would-be heroes. But when the mission leads them into the clutches of Szorlok – their greatest enemy – Marek must sacrifice her ambitions, and perhaps her own soul, before her friends are killed, to stop Szorlok from obtaining the Darkspore.