Kid Cannabis

In this wild ride based on a true story, an eighteen year old high school dropout and his older friend start trafficking marijuana across the border of Canada. Through this, these delinquents risk jail time for lots of cash and an action-packed adventure in crime.

Final Score

Tough US marine MICHAEL KNOX vows to take his fallen best friends 14-year-old daughter, DANNI, to the biggest football match in England. But when Russian Militants take control of the stadium Knox must do everything he can save the 35000 innocent lives and get Danni safely home to her mother.

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Trauma Center

Former paramedic Madison Taylor (Nicky Whelan) is injured when caught in the crossfire of two corrupt cops, Pierce and Tull. She wakes up in the hospital and as a witness of one of their vicious crimes, she’s placed under the protection of the respected Lieutenant Steve Wakes (Bruce Willis). Her misfortune turns into a real nightmare when Pierce and Tull decide to finish the job, realizing she is the key to tracing them back to the crime. Trapped and hunted by Pierce and Tull inside the locked-down hospital, Madison desperately calls Lieutenant Wakes for help. But she must use her surroundings to fight back alone during this night of survival if there is any hope of making it out of the hospital alive…

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10 Minutes Gone

Expert bank robber Frank Sullivan (Michael Chiklis) never had a job go wrong – until his brother is killed during a heist. Knocked unconscious, Frank wakes up in a dirty alley without memory of how the robbery went awry or who shot his brother. To Frank’s boss, violent crime Lord Rex (Bruce Willis), none of that matters… He just wants the loot that Frank doesn’t have. Short on time and information, Frank must figure out which member of their crew betrayed them, avoid Rex’s contract killer closing in on him and locate a mysterious briefcase to save his own skin and avenge his brother’s death.

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A Score To Settle

Frank (Nicolas Cage), a criminal battling life-threatening insomnia, is released from prison many years after taking the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. Now free, he sets out on a path for revenge against the men whose actions sent him to jail.

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